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A joke of my lifeI have a life as a comedy : a funny dad , a younger sister that only a mother talking crap and hell . And that's not all ! I also have a very fun group of friends . Among them and Casy .In a Sunday , my friend came to my house Casy . After we got bored of other games , I started to play for the hairdresser . Casy chose a modern hairstyle and I a classic . Some tools work lies and hair straightener . After styling her Casandra mother called us to the table. We finished eating us and we rushed to " hairdresser " our improvised , which just came my turn. I tried to do my hair ... but in vain plate . I tried again after saying common mother , " do not give up after the first try! " And ... nimic.Tocmai again when I was about to give up , I noticed that the board was not plugged in !Not to say that sometimes parents are right!Thus I made the hairdresser who do not consume electricity and , besides , I helped save the planet , I saved and the family budget !Ever to say they do not contribute to the world economy !I laughed long because the subject : the first rule that a board work is to plug in it ! To know !I would be glad if this story told by me made ​​you smile even , dear colleagues and friends who read these lines