Cine ma ajuta si pe mine putin la engleza? Am nevoie urgent :* :*

Complete the sentences with SO, SUCH or SUCH A/AN.
1. They're... good friends that they never argue.
2. The traffic was... noisy that they couldn't sleep.
3. We were having ....nice time that we didn't want to go.
4. It was....interesting programme that we recorded it.
5. They were....hungry that they ate everything.
6. The project was....hard work that I need a long rest.
7. The first term at university is... exciting time that the students nevr do very much work!



1. such a
2. such
3. such a
4.such an
5 so
6 such an
7. such an

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Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1 such a
2 such
3 such a
4 such an
5 so
6 such an
7 so

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