Make questions and answers with How long? and the present perfect continuous. phone me?(half an hour)
A:How long have you been trying to phone me?
B:I've been trying to phone you for half an hour.

2.the chiken/cook/in the oven?(about twenty minutes)
3.Car Schmidt/play football/for Brazil?(start of the season)
4.he/clean his motobike?(two hours). to see the doctor?(nine o'clock)
6.your sister/live in Florida?(over a year)



2.A: How long has the chiken been cooking in the oven?
B: The chiken has been cooking for about twenty minutes.
3.A:How long has Car Schmidt been playing football for Brazil?
B: He's been playing for Brazil since the start of the season
4.A:How long has he been cleaning his motorbike?
B: He's been cleaning his motorbike for two hours.
5.A: How long have you been waiting to see the doctor?
B: I've been wainting to see the doctor since nine o'clock.
6. A:How long has your sister been living in Florida?
B: She's been living in Florida since over a year.
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