Rewrite the sentences using an -ing form.1)In Britain,many people think it`s bad luck to spill salt. 2)In some countries people believe that it`s lucky to see a black cat. 3)Dr Collins doesn`t think that it`s silly to follow superstitions. 4)Do you think it`s good luck to find a coin? 5) It`s all right to fallow superstitions if it makes you feel secure. Cine ma ajuta,urgenttt.........



1.In Britain many people think spilling salt is bad luck
2.In some countries people believe that seeing a black cat is lucky.
3.Dr Collins doesn't think that following superstitions is silly.
4.Do you think finding a coin is good luck?
5.Following superstitions is all right if it makes you feel secure.

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Britains think that spilling the salt means bad luck
In some countries people think that if you are seeing a black cat you will have luck.
it's not sily if you are following your superstitions- doctor Collins said.
Finding a coin means that you will have good luck?
If the fact that you are following your own superstitions makes you feel secure then it's all right.

de unde meanus bad luck?
e means, am scris eu gresit
aa sunt corecte?
eu zic ca da, altfel nu mai raspuyndeam
da.multumesc mult :*