Complete the sentence with -( do up, take up, put on, wear out, try on, take off,take in, dress up -daca se poate si traducerea cuvintelor)
1Make sure you ... the dress before you buy it. It looks very big.
2Please ... your boots before you come inside. They're covered in mud.
3........ your coat before you leave. It's freezing outside.
4You will .. your trainers very quickly if you jog every day.
5You don't need to ... for dinner. We're only going out for pizza.
6She has lots a lot of weight and has to .... all her clothes.
7I must have put on weight because I can't ... my skirt!
8My new jeans are too long, so Mum will .. them ..... .

la 1 e try on, nu try out
1do up, 2 take up,3 put on,4 wear out, 5 try on, 6 take off, 7take in,8 dress up
A)wear clothes that are smart
B)make clothes smaller and tighter
C)fasten somerhing with a zip or button
D)shorten clothes by folding up the bottom edge and stitching it
E)use somerhing so much that it becomes useless
F)place clothes on your body and wear them
G)see if a piece of clothing fits you or looks nice
H)remove clothes from your body
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1 try on 2 take off 3 put on 4 take in   5 dress up 6 wear out    7 do up 8 put on cred :/ 
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