Complete the sentences with the correct form of the words.
1A belt and colorful scarf are great ....... to make your outfit stand out. ACCESSORISE
2Being ..... can be very expensive! Designer clothes cost a fortune! FASHION
3Kate Moss has brought out an ... range of clothes that you can buy in the high street shops. AFFORD
4The models at the photo shoot looked so ...once they were all dressed up. GLAMOUR
5I love your new earrings! You always wear such lovely ... .JEWEL
6Dolce & Gabbana's new .. is fantastic. There are so many nice clothes. COLLECT
7The famous singer has quite an ... way of dressing. She always looks so cool and stilysh. ALTERNATE
8They sell their clothes ... to the big department store in London's West End. EXCLUSIVE

atunci ii las la urma pe ala
ideea-i ca la 3 nu ma prind ce vrea sa zica cu acel cuvant ca sa stiu cum sa il pun.
Nu e nimic. E doar unul.
nu comva ai pus .... gresit?


Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. accessories
2. fashionable
3. affordable - adica care si-o permite toata lumea :D
4. glamorous
5. jewels
6. collection
7. alternative
8. exclusively
cred ca m-am prins, 2 sec pls :D
la 3 este affordable. Am scris di in cadrul raspunsului