1. We ... very hungry. 

2. __________ has long hair. 

3. 21 

4. __________ book is this? 


5. Is this your bike? 
 Yes, it is 
 Yes, I am 
 No we’re no 
 Yes please 

6. Where are my gloves? 
 It is in the bag 
 No, it isn’t 
 They’re on the table 
 Yes, they are 

7. _____? I’m John 
 Where are you? 
 Who are you? 
 When are you? 
 How are you?

8. Whose sunglasses are these? 
 It is Barry’s 
 They of Barry 
 Barry has them 
 They’re Barry’s

9. What’s your favourite sport? 
 Best is football 
 I like football best 
 Football is better 
 I play football 

10. What do you do? 
 I’m fine, thanks 
 I am reading a book 
 I am teacher 
 Yes, I do 

11. Where do you work? 
 In a school 
 On Saturdays 
 Twice a week 

12. Juan is very tall. He’s the ___ boy in the class. 

13. Victor doesn’t have ____ brothers. 

14. Claire’s mother is____cook in the family 
 the best 
 really good 

15. Every Saturday Paul_____ to a football match. 
 is going 

16. Juan Carlos comes from ____ big city in Spain 

17. What did Marie eat for dinner? 
 She eats a salad 
 She ate a salad 
 She’s eating a salad 
 No, she didn’t

18. _____ ? The football match. 
 What was on TV last night? 
 Did you like it? 
 How long did it last? 
 Who did you see?

19. Over two thousand people work here,_____ ? 
 do they? 
 don’t they? 
 aren’t we? 
 don’t we? 

20. You enjoyed your holiday in Greece,___? 
 didn’t you? 
 will you? 
 don’t you? 
 aren’t you? 

21. What were you doing on Saturday morning? 
 I was taking the dogs for a walk 
 I’ll take the dogs for a walk 
 I take the dogs for a walk 
 I am taking the dogs for a walk

22. How long does the journey last? 
 It has lasted 6 hours 
 It lasted more than 17 hours 
 No, it will be first 
 It lasts about 17 hours

23. Did you use to have dancing lessons? 
 Yes, I do 
 Yes, I danced 
 Yes, I did 
 Yes, I am

24. When was the Brazilian drum concert? 
 It isn’t today! 
 No, I wasn’t! 
 It was on Saturday evening 
 It’s on Saturday evening 

25. It’s freezing out there, you ___ wear a coat. 

26. ___ car parks open at 3:00am? 
 How many 
 How much 

27. Not many people know ____ Cardiff used to be a Roman settlement. 

28. “Congratulations, you’ve won one million Euros. If I were you, I ____ invest the money for the future.” 

29. It sounds great! I have a brochure from the Tourist Information office _____ 
me all about it. 

30. This book was written 150 years ____ 

31. Thanks for ____ to be interviewed for the Gazette, Mr Smith. 

32. Is it true that you ____ here in London? 
 are born 
 have been born 
 was born 
 were born

33. If I ____ known you were coming, I should have made some dinner. 

34. Alia can’t come this evening, she’s looking ____ her little sister. 

35. He doesn’t like _____ of it. It was a long time ago. 
 to be reminded 
 to remember 

36. The food in that new restaurant was so awful that I ___ eat it. 

37. This year our company is expected to ____ £1.4 million before tax. 

38. ____ being in pain, Charles was not admitted to hospital. 
 Because of 

39. For the past decade parents have been _____ with information about nutrition in the press and on television. 

40. I think I ought to try somewhere else, I don’t like _____ of these. 

41. Before your exam yesterday, you ____ really nervous! 
 must be 
 must have been 
 should have been 
 will be

42. If you had told me that you had already been to Egypt, I wouldn’t ____ the holiday in Cairo 
 had booked 
 have booked 
 ever book