Vă rog ajutați-mă să rezolv acest exercițiu!
Fill in weather words.

1.Take your umbrella,it’s _____________outside.2.The _________is
shining so brightly, I have to wear dark glasses. 3.The _____________is
strong,the trees are bending to the ground.4. The sky is so ____________,it looks like rain. 5.The
clouds are so_____________.6.The _____________is so white,let’s go skiing.7.I
see a lightning,it is a ____________.8.The ___________of the rain are warm and pleasant.



1. raining
2. sun
3. wind
4. cloudy
5. dark
6. snow
7. storm
8. drops
1.take your umbrella ,it`s raining outsaid.2.the sun.3wind is strong.4.so blue 5.so weat.6.the snow. restul mai copiii tu pa