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Uite aici este povestirea: At the beginning of the movie, Brock Lovett , a treasure hunter who is trying to recover ancient artifacts from the wreck of the Titanic . It reveals a portrait of a young girl wearing a necklace . Rose , aged 101 years , claims she is the younger of the portrait and begins to recount everything.This film is about the 1912 tragedy that killed over 1,500 people . A young man named Jack Dawson wins a poker game ticket to go to America by ship Titanic , to Class III . Onboard , he meets Rose DeWitt Bukater , traveling first class , and falls for her. Despite the differences in social class, it is the shared feeling young. When the ship is sinking hitting an iceberg in die very many people , and they try to resist ice water . At the end of the film , the young man died of hypothermia, but Rose escapes and is rescued by a lifeboat that had returned to look for survivors. The end is tragic

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Simon Adams is a writer and editor of children’s non-fiction and reference books. He specializes in history, politics and current affairs and has written extensively on exploration, music and the arts. He is also a well established jazz critic and reviewer. Simon has also contributed to family and adult reference books and has been an editorial consultant on various history and other titles.
Simon was born in Bristol and studied history and politics at the London School of Economics and Bristol University, where he gained an MSc. He entered publishing as a publicity copywriter at Routledge and subsequently joined Dorling Kindersley, eventually becoming managing editor of the children's division. He became a full-time writer 15 years ago. Since then, he has written and contributed to more than 60 books for a wide range of publishers on subjects as varied as archaeology, the sinking of the Titanic and the history of jazz. Simon lives in London and is a keen reader and cyclist.

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