Put in the correct preposition from the box: from,to,above,in front of,along,next to,before,opposite,between,by

1.He sat _______ the window,and looked out from time to time.
2.C comes ________B and D in the alphabet.
3.I couldn't see the plane because it was high ______the clouds.
4.I had to wait a long time at the post office,because the woman ________ me wanted a lot of different things.
5.There's a garage on the other side of the street just _______ our house.
6.Please don't put bicycles ________ the shop window.
7.He turned around and walked away________the trees.
8.He cycled ________ a little road ______the river for about five kilometres.
9.Anne came__________church today.

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1 TO
4 in front of 
5 opposite
6next to 
7 from
8 along a ll completare
9 from , cam atat, sper sa fie bine ..

2 5 2