How will the future look like? We can definitely see it already some signs in terms of the way in which the world will evolve? A number of personalities who are active in various fields, starting with researchers and reaching journalists have made some predictions about the future.
How Stuff Works has a few interesting predictions about the near future, and the following decades.
Alvin Toffler
Alvin Toffler has worked as a journalist for Fortune magazine and was a consultant for companies such as IBM, Xerox and AT&T. his book, Future Shock, published in 1970, has popularized the idea that the fast pace of technological development, in particular-can be a disruptive force in the company because many people will make efforts to keep up with some amazing and disconcerting considered changes.
Toffler argues that quick change can affect relationships between people, so that they will be increasingly less. Toffler also predicted that people, ideas and organizations will be "exhausted" increasingly faster. This world will be characterized by a pronounced transience, and consumers will purchase products designed to meet temporary needs, driven by fads consciously developed to stimulate consumption.
During the decades that followed, his Toffler predictions have come true, starting with the accessibility of mobile phones to virtual corporations and flash mob of individuals.
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