Ce inseamna , door , leave , doll , charlie si o poezie in engleza va rog

door=usa ; leave= a pleca ; doll=papusa ; charlie= nu stiu, scuze. Poezia : A slash of blue,
A sweep of gray,
Some scarlet patches on the way,
Compose an evening sky.

A little purple slipped between
Some Ruby Trousers hurried on
A wave of gold,
A bank of day,
This just makes out the morning sky.
door-usa,leave-a parasi,doll-papusa,charlie-asta e un nume de ciine
poezia:Lazy cat, lazy cat,
Why are you so fat?
All day long I'm lying on this mat,
Purring, purring and looking at the rat.
door=usa,leave=a pleca,doll=papusa charlie este un nume
leave=a pleca,doll=papusa,Charlie-nume,door=usa


leave=a pleca,a lasa
charlie=este diminutivul de la Charles

once i chaught a fish alive
once i chaught a fish alive,
then i let it go again.
-why did you let it go?
-because it bit my finger,so.
-which finger did it bite?
-this finger,the little one.

little moon
littlemoon,little star,
you are so high,
you are so far,
come to us,sit and sing,
you will get a golden ring.
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Charlie=Charlie(este un nume)

bushes quiver

where shadows lean

and not a sliver

of moon is seen.

near the river

some goblins green

with a witch in front

and a ghost in between.

make me shiver

but i am keen

about the shivers

of Halloween. 

sper ca te-am ajutat

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