Va rog ajutati-ma la acest exercitiu cat mai urgent:
4.Complete the sentences with the correct form of let,make or not allowed to.
I”m not allowed to watch television after 11 p.m
1 You.............take photographs in the theatre
2 see the films unless you”re over eighteen
3 Children under lottery tickets
4 His dad doesn”t ..........him surf the internet alone
5 Last year thee school wait three days before we got our exam results

5.complete the second sentences so that it means that same as the first ,using the words in brackets
it”s a pity i don”t have a better camera(wish)
I wish I had a better camera
1 Why didn”t I go to bed eartier last night?(ought)
I........ bed earlier last night
2.You ought to water the plants(need)
The plants.........
3 The trouble is ,I like chocolate too mich(wish) much
4 I can”t decide what to wear(mind)
I can”t .....what to wear
5 What time were they supposed to arrive ?(turn)
What time.......?
Va rog imi trebuie urgent...^_^



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1. are not allowed to
2.don't let 
3.are not allowed to

1.ought i had gone to
2.need to be watered
3.wish i wouldn't like
4.mind of 
5.they should return?
3 5 3