Cine mi-l traduce in romana?
The underground train to Wembley was packed. It was obvious that everyone was going to Stone's concert at Wembley Stadium .This might be the last time they would see their idol. There were rumours that Stone was retiring .But at that moment,nobody was contemplating that awful possibility.As they came out of the station Anya and Stefan could see Wembley Stadium,shining like a gigantic diamond in the distance.When they reached the stadium ,they gasped at the sight of the huge stage and sound towers. Video screens,as tall as buildings,flanked the stage .The atmosphere was electrifying and,as the time for the show drew nearer, the crowd started clapping rhythmically, demanding to see Stone.Then the musicians came on stage and started to tune their instruments, much to be delight of the fans. It wouldn't be long before Stone was on stage.Suddenly, all the lights went out. Amid a cloud of smoke and coloured lights, Stone appeared on stage. The crowd went wild.He knew how to please his audience. He sang all his best songs, making each person feel he was singing just for them. Halfway through the show,he said he wanted to make an important announcement.It was at this point that Stefan got up, without warning, and started to push his way and kept looking at the far end of the stage.Stop him! Stop him! he shouted.Anya turned to see what Stefan was looking at and , horrified, saw a man jump onto the stage, a gun in his hand. On the video screen,Anya, along with everybody else, watched the man fire and a body fall heavily to the floor.



Metrou de langa stadionul Wembley era plin. Era clar ca toata lumea statea ca o  piatra la concertul lui pe Wembley Stadium .Aceasta ar putea fi ultima ora cand pot sa-si vada   idolul lor. Au existat zvonuri că  Stone era pensionar .Dar la acel moment,nimeni nu medita ca ingrozitor posibilitatea.Ca au iesit din staţia de Anya si Stefan putea vedea Stadionul Wembley,stralucind ca un diamant gigantic la distanta.Când au ajuns la stadion ,ele tresări la vederea etapa uriaşă şi sunet turnuri. Video ecranela ,la fel de inalte ca si cladiri,flancat de etapa .atmosfera a fost electrizanta si,ca de timp pentru a arăta se apropia, multimea inceput urale ritmic, solicitante pentru a vedea Stone.Apoi muzicienii au venit pe scena si a inceput sa tuneze  instrumentele lor, mult să fie deliciul fanilor.