School is where students spend most of the day , so for them the school becomes a second home . A house where the brothers are classmates and parents are teachers or teachers . As each day , parents are aware of children's behavior , gives them tips and lessons and teachers supervise them and give them a charge in . In addition to parents, teachers care for the education of students . Hourly and minute by minute , teachers provide learners before them valuable knowledge and information about the world , world culture and history. Aided by their education and experience acquired over the years, teachers formed generations of children . With hard work and perseverance , teachers fail to make children interested only in playing, the students interest in education and civilization.
Imperceptibly day by day with the help of the school, students expand their horizons on the world. Their views are scientific arguments and feelings and passions are integrated into the great culture of human civilization . Taken together, the school prepares children to become educated teenagers and then adults responsible , able to understand the enigmas of the world , to unravel the mysteries . Through education provided by teachers of students is assured evolution of the human species evolved based on reliable information and diverse. For students , the school is a wellspring of information, a source of flowing relentlessly science and culture.
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