1.Trasnform the direct speech into the indirect.
a.nick said:''there are many rivers in England''.
b.the teacher asked:"ehere are the British Isles situated?"
c.my friend said:"speak loundly,I can't heart you."
d.Mother says:"zorile is a well-known footwear manufacture in our country".
e.my uncle says:"these leather shoes are in fashion now".

ajutati-ma va rog...nu ma prea impac cu engleza eu:(
si imi trebuie sa rezolv acest exervitiu pentru miine:(


Nick said that there were many rivers in England. The teacher asked where the British Isles were situated. My friend told me to speak loudly because he couldn't hear me. My mother says that zorile is a well known footwear manufacture in our country. My uncle says that these leather shoes are in fashion now.