As avea nevoie de o compunere in care sa povestiti/descrieti un film sau un serial.Si as avea nevoie sa mi-l scrieti si in romana si in engleza pt ca asa ni l-a cerut ca sa vada daca e tradus bine cand ni-l corecteaza.Va rog frumos cat mai repede.

Sa fie de 10-15 randuri.
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A film that impressed me, had a huge emotional impact on me. In the jungle where people have conditions, a group of natives attacked by another group. One tribe people dream that something bad will happen a few minutes before acting hides his pregnant wife and baby in a very deep hole. He fought beside his group loses father and endure all the trials to which it is subject and barely escapes.       I was impressed by the love of father and husband but not least the power that stood and watched as his father's head is cut off, and he could do nothing, he fought with all his powers to escape from the hands of the barbarians and succeeded in return the child and wife.
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nu mai stiu exact cum se numeste ca l-am vazut demult dar este vorba de niste barbari care au prins niste oameni in jungla
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