Present simple tense:ex:the boy wans a toy car for chrismas-baiatul vrea o masina de jucarie de craciun

present continous tens She is cutting the cake in slices.(ea taie prajitura felii)

present perfect tens: We are not going on holiday since the prices have rise.(noi nu mai mergem in vacanta deoarece preturile au crescut
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Present Tense
She never works so late
The earth spins around the sun.
The store closes at 9:00pm
Present Continuous
I am working on my new book.
By the time the alarm goes off I am already working.
Present Perfect
I have worked all my adult life.
I have never worked so late before
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been working on the railroad
Past Tense
I worked till my hands hurt
Past Continuous
I was working when the meteorite fell/the phone rang/you showed up.
Past Perfect
Emily said she had worked in her garden that morning.
Past perfect Countinous
They had been working on the new house before the fire destroyed it.
Future Tense
I will walk that road and sing a song
Future Conntinuous
She will be coming round the mountain when she comes
Future Perfect
I will have worked for 20 years next month.
Future Perfect Continuous
By 2015 he will have been working for 40 years

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