1.This morning, after I woke up, I went to the bathroom and washed my face. After that, I walked into the kitched and ate the food my mother prepared for me. I looked at the clock and saw that it was 11:20. I went fast to the bathroom again, and started brushing my teeth very fast. When I finished, I chose some pretty clothes and got out of the house. I waited for the school bus to pick me up for a long time, and I started thinking that I will be late. In the end, I arrived at school right in time. 

2. The last film I saw was called "Home Alone". It was about a child that was forgotten home by his parents. He had to 'survive' alone because some bad guys were trying to get something from him. Meanwhile, his parents and the rest of the family was relaxing and smiling at the thought of holiday. Then, suddenly, they realised that their so-beloved-little-son was not with them. They went as fast as they could home, but they arrived 4 days later because the plane had a delay. In the end, the child and the rest of the family spent Christmas home, and decided to always stay near their naughty son.

(La 2 am mai si inventat pentru ca nu imi amintesc un film potrivit pentru prezentat la scoala). Sper ca o sa te ajute.
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