cine ma pte ajuta cu temma la engleza plis
exercitiul 2). complete the text with the pas simeple or pas continuous from of the verbs

last weekend my mother (take) took me and my brother on a trip to Blackpool. My father
work.... with us. We (get up) .... at 5 a. m. on Saturday mornig. It (rain)... when we (leave)... and my mother (not/feel).. in a very good mood.After an hour my brother (begin.. to feel sick so we (stop) a motorway cafe. The we (turn off)... the motorway and (take).... a small country road. Anyway, we(drive).....along when sudenly we(see)...about twenty sheep in the middle of the road. They(just/stand)...
there. We nearly (hit)... one of them.They(not/move).. for an hour so we just (sit)..there!
in the end,we(not/get to).. Blackpool until after lunch.

va rog ajutatima pliisssssss

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