i had never felt so nervous in my life but I knew that I had to do it.We are all used to live in a world that depends on someone else or ALTCEVA.Si everyone has ideas, everyone knows he wants something out of life ... but nobody does anything.Those who can do something are we, teenagers: We are at the age where we can change and we can afirma.Noi can be different.At this age, we are caught between parents and prieteni.Si not often make the right choice. "Hey, you're wrong again not to repeat the mistake.", You are right in saying friends and great parte.Dar are situations in the mistake is repeated and you ask yourself what you deserve Chiat gresit.Oare points happen to you?
You put a thousand questions ... and not find raspuns.In different moments thinking about what's upset rau.Esti all lumea.Te close to your room and only one among four pereti.Nu iesi.Stai have anyone to also relieve your pain more lucruri.Iti momente.Te think it greu.Iti take teddy bear in his arms and plangi.Te download, then you go out to face realitatea.Sa Nuvo wanna see evil and cruel world. you can not do forever, but learn to forgive when you are greseste.Poate like that you learn from a person that you did not expect.
120-180 words...daca mai ajuta ti-as fii recunoscatoare
multumesc mult!! O zi frumoasa si buna la fel ca tine