My dream is to live in U.S.A. I would love to live in Los Angeles (or San Diego, or San Francisco. I would love there for many reasons.1. it is a metropolis. I got a little tired of smaller cities. I want a lot of agitation, freeways, skyscrapers, noise etc.2. the relief. My love is great. How the Pacific Ocean is a stone of L.A. I would love to live there. Reading every morning on the ocean at sunset, to see how the Sun disappears in the water ... wonderful. Plus a few hours away by car are the mountains with snow for skiing and winter sports. What can you ask more ...3. the climate. I want a warm climate ... I do not stand cold. I hate winter wear: shirt, blouse, jacket, Cap, scarf, pfff I want a summer. When I want to go out to pull off a shirt and a pair of shorts. I want to see palm trees ... singing along and to see palm trees.I consider Los Angeles a wonderful city, with everything you need.
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