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Spring , the youngest daughter of the old year, the joy and mirth -making came to us with her ​​retinue of flowers, light and color.
Everything is wrapped in the cloak of sunlight , gently caressing the earth and all creatures . Blue dome is reflected in the clear waters of the river . Milder and the days are longer and the nights shorter .
Spring litter everywhere multicolored carpet . The fields and hills were verdant and orchards are preparing to give the flower. In forests, tree moss is soft as a feather pillow and trees hardly have denied proud mantle of snow watching the sun . In thickets bleached snowdrop flower and a light fragrance of violets spreads breeze of twilight .
Spring meadow awakened to life. Butterflies frolic, hardworking bees buzzing through flori.Gandaceii begin their sweet and beetles sleep sun ​​dezghetandu their fins and look like rowers piciorusele.Pasarile wandering the vast sky albastru.Randunica the dishes, turtle , thrush chirp in the great concert of spring opening
And people enjoy this revival of the roar resounds naturii.Ogoarele tractors and buzz people harniciei.In pruning orchards and gardens dig earth to put seedlings .
The mantle full of light , spring youth splits from her goblet , culoare.Sa cheerfully and enjoy all this wonderful trinket gift received from gentle spring.
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