My mother
The person I am today turned out ok because my mother took time for me and she has been loving and supportive, sometime even pushy. I hugged my mom in the morning, before heading to school for all the reasons I have mentioned earlier. I love my mom very much.Like any other person on this world, I do have a mother. Someone gave me birth and raised me all this years with a lot of care and attention. I am someone's child and that someone is one of the greatest persons in the whole world. That special person is my mom.She is a very beautiful mother. She is tall and thin, she has soft brown hair and black warm eyes, soft skin and she smiles a lot. My mom often wears classic pieces, she prefers light colors, and stylish accessories. A leather handbag, black or brown, with a silk scarf worn around her neck, around her hair or even tied to the handbag for a splash of color. So my mom is a pleasant appearance and everywhere we go she is admired. She is very smart and wise and her colleagues consider her a good professional. But this is what others see when they take a look at my mother.
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My mother is very beautiful.I admire because it is a being who takes care of me always.My mother has one purpose: to love me, guide me and protect me.Maybe sometimes I do not listen but nevertheless she loves me very much.Even if someone will tell me that I am his mother protects me say it protects me for my own good.
In conclusion, I realized that my mom is the best human being on earth.
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