Traduceti in Engleza: Mama pregateste cina la ora 6.
Ei se cearta de doua ore.
Voi a-ti vorbit la telefon de la ora5.
Copilul nu a mancat de 2 zile.
Ai muncit din greu astazi?
N-ai studiat Germana de 2 ani si esti foarte bun.
Ce-ai facut in ultima vreme?
Ai mai auzit ceva despre Jeane in ultima vreme?
Tu a-i ascultat ceva ce ti-am spus . Nu-i asa?
Clopotelul suna de 2 minute.
Ei lucreaza impreuna din Decembrie.

Am observat ceva greseIi , ori gresesc eu .. Era Have you been working hard today ? ~Ori gresesc:-?
Mom plates up the dinner at 6 o'clock
They have been argueing from 2 hours.
You have been talking on the phone from two hours.
The child hadn't eaten from 2 days.


Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
His mother prepares dinner at 6.
They are fighting for two hours.
I've talked to him on the phone from ora5.
The child has not eaten for 2 days.
You've been working hard today?
Didn't you study German for 2 years and you are very good.
What have you done lately?
Have you heard anything about Jeane lately?
You have to listen to something I told you . Isn't it?
The bell rang for 2 minutes.
They work together in December.
You haven't studied German for 2 years and you are very good.
Ok........ :))
Your bell was ranging for 2 minutes.
Anyway,good job!:)
Thanks :)