Dreams are the opposite of reality.. they make us fell special in a lot of ways .
Din punctul meu de vedere cel mai simplu e sa te gandesti la ideea pe care vrei sa o transmiti. Poti folosi dreams atat pentru ceea ce visam in fiecare noapte cat si pentru aspiratiile si momentele in care fugim dincolo de limitele noastre.
We all dream at a point in our life, do your remember your last dream? Do your remember the last time when your mind ached for more than just the usual and common reality? The last time you went to sleep and found yourself in a world that was beyond all expectations ? The last time when you were simply day-dreaming and went in the most amazing and fantastic places? ...daca incepi cu o serie de intrebari, il pui un pic mai usor pe cel care o va citi/asculta intr-o anumita stare si situatie.