Chili's friend Della was on holiday in Jamaica.Read her letter Chili and complete it with the correct verbs:invited,stopped,talked,stayed,travelled,enjoyed,didn't sleep,ditn't get,watched,was,listened. Scrisoarea Dear Chilli, I had a fantastic holiday in Jamaica.It was hot and the sea was blue lovely. I .... by plane from London to Kingston.I really..... the flight.It was eight hours long but I..... at all bevause I.... so excited.During the flight I.... to music,.....a film and..... to the girl in the seat next to me. I.... with my aunt and uncle in Kingston.They.... me on a trip to Montego Bay.We..... at an orchid farm.It was brilliant.On my last night there I.... to bed until three o'clock in the morning! See you son!I hope your gigs are going well.Love,Della



Traveled , enjoyed , didn't sleep , was , listened , watched , talked , stayed , invited , stopped , didn't get
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