Animals are domestic animals. They are very ...for us all. Sheep, give us...
and milk. We use their milk to make ....The cow is very ....: it gives us ....
and the .....get butter, cream and cheese from cow`s milk. The a food animal, it gives us...that we call pork.The duck, the goose, the hen are also useful because their ...are food for us.

(important,bad, farm, useful, eggs, cheese, wool, farmers, milk ,pig ,meat,wild, goat)



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Important , wool ,  cheese , usefull,  meet , farmers , pig, meet , eggs . 
Sper ca ajutat , am scris cuvintele in ordinea in care trebuie sa:): le pui in text ! :)
dar la ultima propozitie ce cuvant lipsea??
Eggs pentru ca gaina , gasca , rata ne dau oua !
da... imi lipseste un cuvant (imi trebuie 10 si noi avem noua)
eggs e bun , dar e la penultima propozitie