Am nevoie urgent la engleza un exercitiu pe care trebuie sa-l traduc si sa-l rezolv ! Cerinta zice asa:
Fill in Jane's diary.Use each expression in the box once only.------Si cuvintele pe care trebuie sa le pui in fraza sunt : players, October 31st , Halloween , ghost, frightened, take, teeth, a few, good, filled, a little.
Yesterday was ..1.. We had a ..2.. party.I dressed up as a ..3.. . My baby sister got very ..4.. when she saw me.John taught us a new game : there was a large bowl with ..5.. water in it on the table. He ..6.. the bowl and then he put ..7.. apples into the water. The ..8.. had to put their hands behind their backs and try to ..9.. an apple out of water with their ..10..Sue won an apple. It was ..11.. fun.



Cel mai inteligent răspuns!
1.October 31st 2. Halloween 3.ghost 4.frightened 5.a little 6.filled 7.a few 8.players 9.take 10.take 11.good
si traducerea
Ieri a fost 31 Octombrie.Noi am avut o petrecere de Halloween.M-am costumat ca o fantoma.Micuta mea surioara s-a speriat cand m-a vazut.John ne-a invatat un joc nou:acolo este un vas larg cu putina apa in ea pe masa.El a umplut vasul si atunci a pus cateva mere in apa.Jucatorii trebuiau sa puna mainile lor la spate si sa incerce sa ia un mar afara in apa cu dintii.Sue a castigat un mar.A fost foarte distractiv.