Her name is Georgiana and rarely see only on holidays . It's a skinny little girl , a little sad , but with dark eyes , lively and intelligent confidence inspired me ever since I saw it the first time at my grandparents in Bārlad .            Since then , my vacations spent at Bārlad , Georgiana and I are inseparable. When it rains and we can play out, we are at home or at my grandparents and continue playing. And when the holidays end and it's time to go to Iasi, we can hardly separate .            Georgiana behaves chosen delicate gestures and a good word for everyone who . He can enjoy with me when you get something from me, and not at all jealous , even though she has no toys or clothes like mine. Often, when we give something , do not accept until you insist more.             We're not alike at all : it 's sports , I laziest . But every time we get to race with other children, has purposely behind, beside me , to not be alone , and for that I can not give enough to a reward .             Georgiana is even more faithful than myself: I brag that they go to church , she told me recently that all positions held in the year passed ...             So do not you come to gloat when you talk with Georgiana , and it's good not to all boast so much !             I remember last year , St. Nicholas , Georgiana wrote me a message on the computer : Santa had brought a lot of gifts : a hat , socks, shirts and stockings . Both ! What was glad : for this I needed! And I received and toys and lots of sweets, all though I have wanted something! But after reading her message , I could send him and her that I had received , and when I asked myself what I got , I could not tell him the whole truth : " I got some sweets . .. still some things, " I answered !            Georgiana behave timidly , gently and without little malice . It leaves no room for such things. Playing without ever upset someone, go to competitions without wanting to be her first ( and if it comes very close to the joy of winning them to be quiet ) , refuse praise (it turns red and looked away , changing it ) , shows you everything you know , you give everything without ever be proud of what he knows or what she has . And because of this , everyone loves her.            For I'm constantly learning from her how to be more modest and better my life I want to be friends with Georgiana .

este despre georgiana o prietena buna
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