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ON APRIL 14 th,1912, at 11.40 p.m., the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank four hours later.It was its first trip across the Atlantic.
At that time,the Titanic was the best and largest ship ever built and everybody thought it was unsink-able.Its captain,Edward J.Smith,together with his crew,wanted to etablish a new time record for crossing the Atlantic.They decided to travel at a higher speed than they would normally and to risk going far north into the icy waters of the Atlantic to shorten the distance.Although they had received six ice warnings,they refused to take them seriously as they were sure the Titanic couldn't sink.For the same reason they had taken on enough lifeboats for only 1178 people,although the ship was carrying 2207 people.At 2 a.m., on April 15th,when the captain gave the order 'Abandon ship!' only 651 passengers were able to get into lifeboats.
Strangely enough,the two ships that were closest when the accident happrned,did not hear the Titanic's desperate radio calls for help . What is more, the officers on the Californian , that was only ten miles away,were close enough two see the Titanic , but they did not understand the situation.Ther radio officer on the Californian had gonevto bed just before the Titanic struck the iceberg.He had tried to warn the officers on the Titanic about the ice, but they wouldn't listen.
The Carpathia,which was fifty-eight miles away when it received the Titanic's desperate S.O.S. on its radio, arrived two hours after the great ship had gone down. It saved 705 people. A total of 1502 people had lost their lives.A tragedy like this shouldn't have happened.It should never happen again.




In 14 aprilie 1912, la 23:20 , Titanicul a lovit un aisberg si s-a scufundat patru ore mai tarziu. 
La acea vrem , titanicul era cel mai bun si cel mai mare vas construit vreodata. Edward J. Smith, impreuna cu echipa sa, a dorit sa faca un nou record de timp pentru trecerea in Atlantic. Ei au decis sa se deplaseze la o viteza mai mare decat in mod normal si ar fi sa-si riste viata mergand mult mai departe spre apele de nord ale Atlanticului. Edward a primit 6 avertismente despre gheata dar ei au refuzat sa le ia in serios. Datorita acestui motiv  au luat doar 1178 barci de salvare, desi nava transporta 2207 oameni. ;; Imi cer scuze, nu-mi permite timpul sa raspund mai mult, dar sper ca ti-am fost de ajutor pana aici.
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Continui eu: La ora 2 dimineata cand capitanul a dat ordinul de a parasi nava doar 651 de pasageri erau gata sa se urce in barcile de salvare. Destul de ciudat, cele 2 nave care erau aproape cand accidentul a avut loc nu a auzit semnalele radio disperate care cereau ajutor. Ofiterii de la Californian care erau doar la 10 mile departare erau destul de aproape sa vada Titanicul, dar ei nu ai inteles situatia. Ofiterii de radio de la Californian s-au dus la culcare exact inainte ca Titanicul sa loveasca iceberg-ul. Ei au incercat sa avertizeze ofiterii de pe Titanic dar acestia nu ascultau. Carpathia care era la 58 de mile cand au receptionat disperatele semnale S.O.S. la radio, au ajuns la 2 ore dupa ce nava s-a scufundat. A salvat 705 oameni. Un total de 1502 au murit. O tragedie ca asta nu trebuia sa se intample. Nu ar trebui sa se intample din nou asta niciodata.
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