Look at the passage again and underline all the passive verbs.What tense are they in?

Pottery is made in this region,and the beautifully decorated Wedgewood,Minton and Spode china is collected by people all over the world.When the canals were built in the eighteenth century,the raw materials,such as clay,were brought to the region from the west of the country and china was exported all over the world.

Until a few years ago,coal was still mined here,but during the 1970s and 80s the industry was being increasingly affected by the use of alternative sources of electricity,and mining was stopped completely in the 1990s.

This is the home of the world's largest cide factory.Apple are brought from the surrounding orchards,processed by the factory and distributed all over the country.

Britain's third largest city,Glasgow,is famous for its shipbuilding.It was known above all as a port,but the nineteent century,the river was widened so that ships could be built on its banks.But the industry has been afected by strong foreign competition and the number of ships under construction is being reduced.

Sheep have been bred on the Yorkshire moors for their wool for centuries,and the streams have provided water for the mills,and for washing and preparing the wool.

Steel and cutlery were first manufactured in Sheffield because it was near to the raw materials and resources whic are needed for the industry:forests,streams and iron ore.

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