1) Susan / read her new book.
2) I / fing / some money in the street.
3)Mr and Mrs Baker / have / an accident.
4) Tom Davis / win the volleyball match.
5)Alisson Brawn / lose the swimming match.
6)Mr Martia / make / brekfast for the boys.
7)The Snows /buy / a van wood for their holidays.
8) The girls/ bring / some wood for the fire.
9)Mrs Black / wash / the dishes.

Ex: Snoopy climb / outo his house.
Snoopy hasclimed outo his house.




Susan has read her new book
I have found some money in the street
Mr. and Mra Baler have had an accident
Tom Davis has won the volleyball match
Alisson has lost the swimming match
Mr Martia has made breakfast for the boys
The Snows have bought a van wood for holidays
The girls have brought somme wood for the fire
Mr Black has washed the dishes