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My name's country is Romania . Romania is situated in the center of the Europe .
The language we is use is romanian . The people who live here are friendly , interesting , ambitious and they like to eat the original food . Our food is very tasty and delicious .We like to prepare sarmale , mamaliga and different ways of soup .Now , we dress modern but a few years ago we use to wear original clothes made by womans . The original clothes are iia , an white cotton dress and a bund .
I love my country !!!
My country is named Romania este corect, nu cum te-ai exprimat tu. Si in nici un caz original food, ci TRADITIONAL food. Nu ways of soup, ci sortiments of soup. Din nou, nu original clothes, ci TRADITIONAL clothes. We used to wear, nu we use. Si din nou... TRADITIONAL. Acordul e facut gresit.. a cotton dress, nu an cotton dress. In rest, nimic de zis.