1 The boy over there,.......shirt is blul, is a very good tennis player
a)of which b) of whom c) whose d) of whose
2.A woman who serves people with food , etc. at table in a restaurant is a ......
a) waitres b) waiter c) cook d) hostess
3 . The Romans constructed a lot of roads..... still seen today
a) some of which b) of which one c) who d) whon
4) Take your coot...... it rains
a) if b)just in cose c) when d) as long as
5. The children are singing..... perfect harmonly
a) in b) with c) to d) on
6. Christopher Columbus,.... was the first European to discover America , was born in Italy in 1451
a) whic b) that c) whom d) who



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