imi trebuiesc rezolvate cat mai repede .Trebuie sa imi spuneti forma corecta si daca e posibil si traducere

1. If you hurry,you might get eatch the plane
a) on time b) before time c) in time d) at times
2. A man whose wife is dead is a ............
a)widow b)widower c) spinser d) bachelor
3)The detective obtained...........important information
a) another B)MANY C) a lot of d) an
4. She told him .... any longer
a) not to interrupt her b) to not interrupt her c) not interrupt d) to don't interrupt
5) ........I go , I must phone my daughter
a) During b) so that c) while d) before
6. That was....... we could do
a) just b) only c) all d) everybody



1) daca te grabesti vei putea ajunge la timp pentru a prinde avionul
2)un barbat a carui sotie a murit este vaduv
3)detectivul a obtinut multe informatii
4)ea i-a spus sa nu o mai intrerupa
5)cand merg, trebuie sa imi sun fiica
6)asta a fost tot ce a putut sa facem

am vazut ca rezolvarea ai primit-o deja. sper ca te-am ajutat.