Vreau 2 propoziti pentru active voice ,2 pentru pasive voice , 2 propoziti cu present simple , 2 cu present continuie , past simple , pas continue, prezent perfect, past perfect , future, future perfect, going to . Va rog frumos



1. I am going to school right now. - Present continuous
2. You are waiting for your mother at the moment. - Present continuous

1. Jake usually plays footbal on Saturdays. - Present simple 
2. We go to school by bus. - Present simple

1. I bought an apple last week. - Past simple
2. You played footbal half an hour ago. - Past simple

1. They will write a poem tommorow. - Future simple
2. Mary will try to run 1000 meters. - Future simple

1. Jenifer is going to bring me a book. - Going to...
2. Edit and Jonha are going to win the contest. - Going to...

  Doar atata am invatat. Sper ca te ajuta!

They are decorating the room. (active voice)
Agatha Christie wrote "The Sleeping Murder". (active voice)
The room is being decorated. (passive voice)
"The Sleeping Murder" was written by Agatha Christie. (passive voice)