During this summer I was vacationing at Multan.I visited with pleasure on the first day of the holidays, Neamt fortress that has mesmerized us both on myself and the younger ones.After we crossed with the heart in the teeth bridge leading to the fortress we have more quiet and we could admire the stunning beauties around me.Room what fascinated me most was the prison.Here were \"closed\" three mannequins and somewhere above Stefan cel Mare was watching them.All of the city we saw the view, which looks much nicer, and can see every move of the left foot.In the day of my vacation doa I was at Raab that charmed Ion Creanga Jeannie. his water crystal clear and it was exactly like the description made by the writer.On the third day we set off through the city, and visiting some relatives (after lunch).I was really surprised seeing a clean city in the world has succeeded to civilize.You could say with hand on heart as you woke up to a city in another country of Europe .... but definitely not Romaniei.Nu there's garbage on the polite world, stada, a few stray dogs and that there were no people to carseasca.On the last day of the holidays I was in London where I could see the city at inailtime, from the gondola lift.     It was awesome in this holiday, and if you do not uramtor year, over two years, for sure I will go again.
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