Formulati intrebari si raspunsuri folosind prezentul simplu sau continuu.
1.Charlie/work/at a bank?
2. Charlie/pack/suitase/at the moment?
3. Charlie/ start work/ at 4 o'clock every morning?
4. Charlie/ go on holiday/ next wek?
5.Charlie/lok for his tickets/ right now?
6. the plane/leave/ in an hour?
7. Charlie/go/ Tabiti?



1.Does Charlie work at a bank?
2.  is Charlie packing suitase at the moment?
3. Does Charlie start working at 4 o'clock every morning?
4. is Charlie going on holiday next week?
5.Is Charlie looking for his tickets right now?
6. Is the plane leaving in an hour?
7. Is Charlie going to  Tabiti?