Buna!Rewrite the sentences with ''i wish'' or ''if only''
1.I went to the match.It was rubbish.(i wish)
2.It's a pity we didn't take our video camera.(if only)
3.Why on earth didn't they write to us?( if only)
4.I lent her my camera.I regret it now.(i wish)
5. I'm sorry she resigned from her job.(i wish)
6.What a shame you spent all the money.(if only) VA ROGG, AJUTATI-MA.,.,MULTUMESC!!!



1 I wish i didn't go to the mach  becouse it was rubbish.
2 If only we took our video camera
3 If only the had written to us
4 I wish i didn't lend her my camera becouse now i regret it
5 i wish she didn't resign from her job
6 If only you didn't spend all the money
esti sigur/a ca e bine???
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