It's hard to define happiness ... When you think about it, imagine a state of bliss and euphoria, physical and psychological magic , harmony with yourself and others. Instead , it's very hard to find the right words to describe the overall condition that often we live fragmented.
No other feeling is not as comprehensive as happiness : it can , at the same time you remount and you literally break down .

Denis de Rougemont said that happiness is not about "being " , but to "be " ; it can not be bought , felt , because it is a condition that you have to break included . Happiness comes from the heart , from inside. You can be happy in many ways and for many reasons . You can be happy, contented with little, can have a heady and sweet happiness in the eyes of others , and you do not think you wronged forever ... or can only be satisfied, but in your heart to be happy .

Philosophers , in their generosity , returned concept on all sides and attempted an explanation. Of course , the subject is vast . From my readings , however, can shape a conclusion.

In Nietzsche , things are clear: it reduces the fund Dionysian happiness of existence, the being is life , and life is the will to power its immediate consequences : the genius and superman . Picky as we know , Nietzsche , philosopher ecstatic connection with the apparent accepted that happiness does not ignore the suffering of becoming. Here I agree with him , I felt devoid of frustrations Cioran .

Aristotle , happiness is a rational activity , desirable in itself worthy . The idea seems nearest my conception .

John Stuart Mill concludes that happiness is harmony quantity and quality of pleasure and Kant says sophisticated and complicated ( as all his work ! ) That happiness is unattainable hope for people, but they can be " worthy of happiness " through rational self-determination .

St. Augustine , the idea of happiness is tied to God. He described happiness as escape from time as acquiring " permanent good ." The only way out of the transience of sensible things is to have God by faith. Also, philosopher leans upon the soul , as ipsum esse ( being itself ) resides in inter intimo meo ( in my interiority ) . Subscribe here .

If you would remember him Cioran and to present views , I'd be a whole essay. In his unhappiness is only a possibility of perceiving existence. If in relation to Nietzsche appears as a giant defeated , Cioran seems closer to Heidegger , without having its impressive solemnity .

Anyway ... perhaps most compelling was Sophocles according to which happiness is a feeling, an emotion aware ... " is happy that he knows he's happy! "

Psychologists , however, more pragmatic and understanding in their research gathered some forgotten ingredients that could scent especially our dream of happiness .

As highlighted American psychologist Robert Misrahi , author of 100 words to build your happiness , " it is essential to get the feeling that our life has meaning focused mainly on joy. Happiness means self-fulfillment , access agreement with yourself and the joy of there , that the pleasure of living and you were born into this world . "

An American psychologist , Marion Rudnitcki , believes that happiness is woven from microscopic points that need to become aware . "There are those moments when we feel that we live more intensely as usual. You must know how to look , to feel , to be present "

Sonja Lyubomirski , a psychologist at the University of California has a different conception of happiness . This can come only " a calling ." So she asked the subjects to astearna on paper the ideas and wishes for the future , thus , objective- repeated thoughts can bring to mind the best perception of oneself .

My teacher , Aurel Romila was more concrete explanation. He believes that to be happy, the psychological structure must interpenetrate and stay in balance four factors : knowledge , emotions , intellect and will. The premise consists of normalcy and happiness in harmony fundamental components that I mentioned . In addition , no one will be able to become happy building their unhappiness happiness of others.
Professionally obliged to be very attentive to people , I noticed that there are people who play well the role of happy, happy Wrapping a hand , they say everything is great all the time. There are convicted. Nobody wants to be caught in the act of depression or unhappiness , because today , unhappiness means defeat. It means that you're at the height of your own life and you can not wear shoulder freedom of pretending holder .

Most people turn to psychologists unhappiness . That's what led me to reflect , to study , to know , because they can provide psychotherapy to a horizon of hope.