a> Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs.

2. ... any cars ... in China nowadays? (make)
3. I went to an audition for the part but unfortunately I ... . (not choose)
4. The tourists were nervous about ... on the plane. (hijack)
5. Bob was so rude to Maria that he ... to her house again. (will/not/invite)
6. When they woke up, they discovered that thei car ... . (steal)
7. She heard a noise, turned round and realised that she ... . (follow)
8. Mobile phones ... during take-off. (must/not/use)
9. I'd hate ... everywhere by press photographers. (chase)
10. Sshh! The Prime Minister ... on TV right now. (interview)

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Are any cars being made .....
I wasn't chosen...
being hijacked
will not/won't be invited
had been stolen
was being followed
must not be used
being chased
is being interviewed