It is summer . Golden ball in the sky is azure sky senin.Vara bees running from flower to flower looking for pollen. Cold dew standing on green grass , birds that fly in flocks like talking like a blanket cover huge black supra world , the scent surrounds you in an inviting scent .Forest attracts you by its color as an emerald , and the rustle of leaves urges you to enter the forest, crickets singing restless like the violin gives a feeling of tranquility .Summer farmers reap rich harvests of the field , from morning to evening . Others just now planting fruits to pick them fall.Animaleleincep even now to gather supplies for the cold winter you four months from November to February.In summer season people go on vacation to relaxezela mare.Dimineata walks by the sea while the sun rises and then go sit on the beach or in the water to swim .Also this season the kids play outside games such as baba blind leap elastic playing football and volleyball .I like the summer season that is warm and the atmosphere is like you would not let it go inside but just sit outside like a leaf in the wind .
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