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Ann has drunk 2 glasses of water this afternoon.
My father has drunk all wine what we had at the dinner.
Jim has drunk 2 litres of water this afternoon.
i have drunk a glass of wine at the dinner.
Hilary has drunk a bottle of wine.
My father has eaten all food what we had.
Josh has eaten 2 breads with soup.
Anne has eaten all icecream what was in fridge.
He has already eaten.
I have eaten all what was in my dish
My mom has already eaten the meat.
I have run 2 miles
Ann has run all country in a competition.
My mom has run more than me.
Jim has run around the house.
I have slept 6 hours 
My mom has slept all day .
My father has slept 18 hours before we went on a trip
John has slept 2 months when he was in coma.
George has slept 8 hours after school.

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