Buna am si eu nevoie de 20 de propozitii cu urmatoarele cuvinte :eat,drink ,jump ,sleep .trebuie propozitiile facute la present simple

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Comentariul a fost şters
nui pentru ce
mânca, a mâncat, mâncat
bea, bea, beat
  la jumpe nu prea stiu
de somn dormit dormit asa imi spune


1.My sister eats a lot of chocolate.
2.I don't eat many vegetables
3.My father can't eat many fruits.
4.Nick eats apples from The United Kingdom
5.My mom doesn't eat sugar
6.I drink two liters for a day
7.My father love drink wine before dinner
8.Ann doesn't drink any juices or alcohol
9.Josh doesn't drink any liquids which contain alcohol
10.My mom drink a cup of cofee every morning.
11.I like to jump before dancing.
12.Every day after i am getting up, I jump a few minutes.
13.My mom like to jump before sleep.
14.My brother jumps for joy.
15.I jump, because i practise basketball.
16.I sleep two hours after school.
17.My mom sleeps 8-9 hours at night 
18.John sleeps 5 or 6 hours because he can't fall asleep immediately.
19.I sleep two hours to be more concentrated in class.
20.My grandfather sleeps 6 hours because he is older then us.
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