Salut! Ai mai jos o compunere.spor!!                                                                                Don't jude a book by it's cover                                                                                   It's like saying to a person you came across you have found so cute and you ask her out. You then come to realize she was crazy and all you where looking for is looks and not whats in the inside. Never take someone by how they look what matters is whats inside there soul there heart there feelings. 
A guy walks by wearing a shirt that has grape juice all over and his hair looks messy and is wearing glasses. You assume he's a nerd or a geek of some kind. But you didn't know that he was the mare's son or the one person in the hole school that paid attention to sports and wrote articles about, and you where the football and you all wondered who was writing such nice stories of a game. Then you come to realize it was the so called geek that walked by and you called him rude names. Then you feel bad cause he is an amazing guy that loves football, and once played football but got injured and could never play again.                                                                                                                     You should not judge a book by its cover because the cover only tells you a little on what the book is about. If you browse throughout the book, you may see something that might like or dislike but it just means that you learned something more than a face value approach.
mersii mult!!Ai putea sa imi dai si traducerea te rog!!!!