Easter holidays I spent at home with family and friends but was very nice I bumped Easter eggs Easter gifts I prepared everything was perfect. I was raised with my parents and friends was a little boring but exciting at the same time considering how all this happened resurrection. After the resurrection we went home and found the so called bunny gifts. I am glad that my parents know I do not believe in Santa, but all I do bunny gifts and say that the rabbit came because I was good. Easter it was perfect because I was with people I love and I grew up.
scuze ca e asa scurta dar nu am mai avut imagiatie........
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I loved this Easter holiday. I had fun. Easter holidays we spent at home with my family. Mother prepared red eggs, Easter lamb, cake, and other Resurrection bunătăţi.În night I went to church, where I got light. My holiday was very nice, but aces have preferred to be longer. Mom and Dad were busy preparing food, and cleaning. Before the feast of the Holy Resurrection, I enjoyed the holiday, I played with friends, and on the computer, but I did not forget about school, I wrote my homework like a good student. Although I have not gone anywhere, I stayed home with my family, it was a very nice holiday and if there was a time machine, I'd go back in time to relive ... That was my vacation!