Scrieti :
a) 5 intrebari , la prezent simplu cu Do. Si 5 cu Does.
b) 10 intrebari , la prezent simplu cu ,,did''

Prezent simplu cu did? Cum? :)
Cred ca voia sa fie past simple, nu present simple la b) :?


Do you like ice cream?
Do you go to cinema?
Do you know english?
Do you love your parents?
Do we have bread?
Does he want to go to the mountain?
Does he learn anything?
Does she like music?
Does he love you?
11 4 11
a) - present simple - interrogative:
- Do:
Why do you write?
What is your favorite food?
Do you know the lesson?
Where do you come from?
How do you do that?
- Does:
Why does it take you so much?
Does the dog bark?
When does he come back?
Where does Tom live?
How often does your mom cook?

b) - past simple - interrogative :
Did he stay in Italy last week?
Did she promise?
Why did he leave?
Did you change your mind?
How often do you read books?
When did you get up?
Where did you go?
Did your father tell you the answer?
Who did she meet there?
Did his uncle come back?
9 4 9