Stiti povestea ''Alice in tara oglinzilor'' de Lewis Carrol Capitolul 1 : Casa Oglinzilor ? As vrea si eu povestirea pe scurt in engleza la ea . Va rog sa nu-mi dati de pe net ca nu sunt bune !



Alice wonders how the world the other side of the mirror and to her surprise , manages satreaca through it in a different world. There, discovers a book of poetry, Jabberwocky ,  you can not read than using a mirror. Before leaving home in a garden where flowers iivorbesc and confused with a flower. Then he meets the Red Queen , who promises a throne cuconditia manage to reach the eighth move in a chess game . Tweedledumsi longer meets Tweedledee , whom they already knew the lyrics for young children, then the White Queen is acting strangely , seems more absent and eventually turns into a oaie.Apoi , Humpty Dumpty , the famous egg from verses with the same name , explains the meaning luiJabberwocky and later meets with Lion and unicorn , again the characters of children cunoscuteversuri miciAlice is saved by White Knight , which often falls off the horse , probably a reference to the song lamutarea in L horse of chess . At this point, Alice reaches the eighth move and devineRegina and by capturing the Red Queen puts the Red King in checkmate position . Immediately afterwards finds himself in the real world and blames one of her cats on the black specifically for toateneplacerile dream