Rewrite the sentences using the Future Passive.
Example:You will be met at the airport.
1.Someone will meet you at the airport when you get there.
2.A film director will give us a lecture about the cinema.
3.If you leave your bag there, someone,will steal it.
4.Our Art teacher will take us on an outing to the National Gallery.
5.The national swimming champion will teach the swimming class tomorrow.
6.I hope they will select me for the school basketball team.
7.Our English teacher will choose the best composition to enter the competition.




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2) we will be given a lectur about the cinema 3)your bag will be stolen if you live it there 4) we will be takenon an outing to the National Gallery. 5)the swimming class will be teached by the swimming national champion 6)i hope i will be selected for the school... blabla 7) the best composition will be chosen...blabla
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